Navigate uncharted waters

Companies new to IP transactions can sometimes face unfamiliar challenges.

We navigate our clients through tried & tested routes to meet their goals whether thats by selling, acquiring or licensing.




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IP Sales Transactions in the UK & Europe

$700m+ offers generated

For most companies, making money from patents is a key strategic objective. However, managing large portfolios brings with it certain challenges as assets can quickly become liabilities if not properly managed. We help our clients to decide which patents to hold onto and which to sell and then go out into the marketplace and manage the entire sales process through to closing.

  • Strong relationships with leading buyers

  • Comprehensive marketing materials including evidence of use
  • Price, terms & contract negotiation. Legal services if required
  • Complete end-to-end sales program



IP Acquisitions Transactions UK

3k+ portfolios originated

In the global business economy, building competitiveness is key. Developing and strengthening a patent portfolio takes time, focus and know-how. We assist our clients to identify, source, evaluate and successfully acquire patents across many technology sectors. Again, we manage the complete purchase process through to closing.

  • Access huge pool of patent owners from Fortune 500 to individual inventors

  • Detailed due diligence to identify potential issues early on
  • Full negotiation of deal terms, structure and price
  • Efficient & effective deal closing



Licensing IP Transactions Europe

150+  buyers

When a company has a key IP portfolio that it does not wish to sell for strategic reasons, out-licensing can often be a good alternative. From analysis of the competitive landscape through to developing the best licensing strategy, we provide complete end-to-end licensing programs to our clients.

  • Financial planning for licensing scenarios

  • Raising capital for licensing projects
  • Negotiating terms and conditions of license agreement
  • Post deal management