Joint venture initiatives

Collaborating is a great way to achieve common goals and pool resources together.

We regularly acquire and monetize IP through partnerships so that we can access the best patents and deliver the strongest returns.






IP equity, joint ventures, exit strategies & licensing Europe

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We are all about innovation and how new technologies can impact the world in a positive way. We work with our partners, clients and other strategic alliances to identify, acquire and leverage IP assets that can deliver a strong equity return to stakeholders. Our investments typically fit in the information & communications technologies space and often relate to hot topics and trends like security, health and the environment.

  • Equity structures with multiple stakeholders

  • Joint ventures and strategic alliances
  • Divestment exit strategies
  • Licensing programs



IP debt finance, equity funding, litigation financing and monetizing London

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Making money from IP and enforcing your rights as an owner can be a costly exercise. Sometimes companies prefer to raise finance rather than have these costs directly hit the bottom line of the business. Through our partners we provide our clients access to a range of IP financing options to meet their needs.

  • Debt finance

  • Equity funding
  • Litigation financing
  • Monetization programs