Clear vantage point

Getting a clear view of your business landscape is key to making the best decisions.

We provide the guidance and the tools so that your company gets the right result and stays ahead of the competition.



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Ranked among world’s leading IP strategists

8yrs ranked among world’s leading IP strategists

Staying competitive is key to business success. We help our clients gain a clear perspective of the context in which their business operates so that they can identify opportunities, manage risks and make informed decisions.

  • Patent landscaping to align IP & overall business strategy
  • White space analysis to identify gaps in patent coverage
  • IP due diligence to assess liabilities & opportunities
  • Technology space evaluation to identify existing market players



Successful IP Management worldwide

$20m+ highest patent offer

Having clarity into your competitors patenting activities, the strength of your own IP portfolio and its relative value compared to industry benchmarks, are all valuable insights that drive any successful IP management plan. This type of 360-degree view empowers our clients to gain competitor insight, target core assets, predict new opportunities and preempt market risks.

  • Competitor intelligence tracking & profiling
  • Patent portfolio audit to determine scope, status and value
  • Benchmarking to understand competitor activities present & future
  • Valuation including full technical & legal evaluation



Strategic advice to technology companies and financial organizations engaged in M&A activities

$50m+ highest portfolio offer

We provide strategic advice to technology companies and financial organizations engaged in M&A activities. This includes specialist advice for corporate transactions where IP assets are a key driver in the deal. We also identify M&A buyers to sell into and IP-backed companies ready for acquisition.

  • Valuation models and marketing materials to support guide price
  • Technical & financial due diligence
  • Range of capital raising options
  • Transaction structuring whether asset or equity sale